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October 1, 2014: New MSG Network television studio.

#NABShow 2017: اعلان ڪري ٿو ڪري سگھجي: تصور ڪريو Imagations ۽ MSG Network Plan تي ايندڙ-GEN Production Center!


A major announcement was made this week at #NAB ڏيکاريو 2017. تصور ڪريو announced that they will be working with MSG Networks to jump start their existing play-out production facilities. The Nexio+ AMP media sever and the Versio IOX storage solution will help expand MSG Network in the areas of ingest, storage, and play-out operations plus provide for some cutting edge editing operations.

“We needed to upgrade our playout facilities to meet today’s demands for compelling and immersive sports content and be flexible and extensible enough to enable us to accommodate future technology updates and market requirements,” said Belinda Binkley, VP Engineering MSG Networks, the home broadcaster of several sports teams in the New York area, as well as hundreds of events each year. "تصور ڪريو has been a responsive and reliable partner in the past and we were confident that it could deliver a solution that would grow and expand in lockstep with our needs and our customers’ unquenchable appetite for sports-related programming.”

Madison Square Garden, being dubbed “the world’s most famous arena” by then owner William Kissam Vanderbilt in

empire_state_building_and_madison_square_garden_in_rainbow_colors_for_gay_pride_2015_18642009884 1879, is home to many professional teams. The NY Rangers, NY Knicks, and the NY Liberty, as well as, collegiate St. John’s Red Storm (men’s basketball team) are covered by MSG Networks. They also provide coverage for fan’s of the Buffalo Sabers, New Jersey Devils and the NY Islanders. MSG Network also distributes original programming and Archival programming, live concert coverage, high school sports coverage, online programming, and talk shows like Boomer and Carton in the Morning!

At the center of the new operation will be Imagine’s software-based platform Nexio+™ AMP® media server technology, which is providing both ingest and play-out functionality. In support of over 80 channels at MSG Networks and seamlessly integrating with Adobe Premiere Pro (MSG’s edit platform of choice) the improvement of streamlining multiple tasks, editing and distribution of content will be accomplished.

The new play-out production center will have Imagine’s Versio IOX™ Storage which is optimized for performance of live production facilities. Provides for full sharable and scalable storage of over 10-gigbit Ethernet link for network operators to access with speed and performance of a SAN, but with the price tag and manageability mostly seen with a NAS solution. Imagine Communication will be debuting the Versio IOX Scale-out NAS Storage solution (for the MSG Network deployment) powered by تبديلي آڻيو اي ايف ايس, the scale-out file system and storage software platform provided by Imagine’s technology partner تبديلي آڻيو. The Versio IOX Scale-out NAS Storage will provide operators easy-to-manage system solutions, powerful storage, the support of high-bandwidth and high volume media ingest operations!

“Madison Square Garden is a celebrated and iconic sports brand and تصور ڪريو is proud of its long history of assisting MSG Networks in delivering some of the most exciting and memorable moments in sports to millions of viewers,” said Mark Senecal, VP of Product Management, تصور ڪريو. “The new playout facility enables MSG Networks to up its game to an even higher level and helps ensure that the company will be able to seamlessly evolve its network to serve the needs of New York area sports fans for the foreseeable future.”

وڌيڪ معلومات لاء مهرباني ڪري دورو ڪريو www.imaginecommunications.com.

بابت تصور ڪريو

Imaginelogoتصور ڪريو ميڊيا ۽ تفريحي صنعت کي منتقلي جدت ذريعي ترتيب ڏئي ٿو. دنيا جي ميڊيا، ويڊيو جي خدمت فراهم ڪندڙ ۽ ادارن هر روز، پنهنجي مستقبل، دليل، ملائيسينيز ويڊيو ۽ آمدني جي قابل حل حل تي هر روز مشن-نازڪ آپريشن جي حمايت ڪن ٿا. اڄ، دنيا جي ويڊيو ويڊيو شاخن مان اسان جي پروڊڪٽ کي چرايو ٿا، ۽ اسان جي سافٽ ويئر حل ڊرائيور عالمي اشتهار آمدني جي ٽين جي ويجهو آهي. مسلسل جدت ذريعي، اسان صنعت ۾ سڀ کان وڌيڪ ترقي يافته IP، بادل-فعال، سافٽ ويئر بيان ٿيل نيٽورڪ ۽ ڪمرو فلو حل فراهم ڪري رهيا آهيون. گهميو www.imaginecommunications.com وڌيڪ معلومات لاء، ۽ Twitter تي اسان جي پيروي ڪريو imagine_comms.

بابت تبديلي آڻيو

تبديلي آڻيو is the technology pioneer in networked shared storage and tapeless, end-to-end workflow solutions for the homepage-logopost-production, TV, and film industries. تبديلي آڻيو‘s groundbreaking products improve efficiency and workflow collaboration every step of the way. They include video capture and playout servers, high-performance central shared storage, archiving and backup software, media asset management, and Lightworks – the world’s first three-platform (Windows/OS X/Linux) professional non-linear video editing application. Visit www.editshare.com وڌيڪ معلومات لاء.

بابت نيب
نيشنل ايسوسيئشن آف براڊيڪلرزس آمريڪا جي نشر ڪندڙن لاء پرڏيهي وکالت ايسوسيئيشن آهي. نيب، قانون ساز، ريگيوليٽري ۽ سرڪاري معاملن ۾ ريڊيو ۽ ٽي ويزن جي فائدن کي ترقي ڪري ٿو. مداخلت جي ذريعي، تعليم ۽ جدت، نيب نشر ڪندڙن کي پنهنجي برادرين کي بهترين خدمتون ڏيڻ جي قابل بڻائي، پنهنجي ڪاروبار کي مضبوط ڪري ۽ ڊجيٽل عمر ۾ نوان موقعن کي پڪڙڻ. وڌيڪ سکو www.nab.org.


براڊيڪل بيٽ 2017 جي سرڪاري براڊڪاسٽر آهي نيب شو لاس ويگاس ۽ پروويسر جي نيب شو LIVE. 2016 ۾، نيب شو 1.3 ملندڙ آن لائين ماڻيندڙن ۽ 2017 دوران حاصل ڪيو ويو نيب شو، اسان اميد ڪئي ويندي ته اين ايڪسڪس ملين ڊائرن کان وڌڻ.

Matt Harchick
منهنجي پويان اچو

Matt Harchick

متي ٻنهي نجي شعبي ۾ ۽ اعلي تعليم ۾ ڪم ڪري چڪو آهي ويهن سالن کان. هن ڊجيٽل ميڊيا پروجيڪٽ جو انتظام، براڊنگ انجنيئرنگ ۽ ميڊيا جي پيداوار جي علائقن ۾ ماهر. مائيٽي ڊجيٽل پوسٽ جي پيداوار ۾ وسيع معلومات، ڊجيٽل اثاثت جي انتظام، ڊجيٽل سينما جي پيداوار، ۽ نشر سهولت انٽشن. مسٽر هاکڪڪ فعال طور تي آرٽ براڊنگ، ڪتريو ڊجيٽل سينما ۽ مرڪزي آڊيو بصري ٽيڪنالاجي جي ڪلائنٽ جي عمل جي لاء تحقيق ڪري ٿو ۽ توهان جي مشاورت جي ضرورت لاء دستياب آهي.

Matt ۽ سندس خاندان هن وقت واشنگٽن ڊي سي جي ميروڙي علائقي ۾ رهندڙ آهي.
Matt Harchick
منهنجي پويان اچو

Matt Harchick پاران تازيون پوسٽون (سڀ ڏس)

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